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Stanleya albescens
Colorado Mats
Image by Matt Lavin
This locally common species was abundant and conspicuously flowering during May 2015 in the area of Delta to Grand Junction, Colorado, on clay knolls derived from Mancos Shale. This species is abundant along roadsides and in and around heavily disturbed pastures where it coexists with Eremopyrum triticeum, Kochia scoparia, and Hologeton glomeratus, to name a few of the exotic colonizers of these heavily disturbed sites. The clay knolls in this region were generally dominated by Atriplex corrugata (mat saltbrush) and Sarcobatus vermiculatus (greasewood), which were also common in at this site. Bromus tectorum was abundant roadside but conspicuously absent from the Stanleya-dominated clay knolls.

porter robinson at the boulder theater
Colorado Mats
Image by messycupcakes
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