A few nice Colorado Mats images I found:

socially retarded
Colorado Mats
Image by Sidereal
Had a nice dinner with BlueCoyoteLaughing the other evening. She’d just gotten back from a long vacation out in Colorado that included a week at an Alternative Process workshop. See her set here.

She was kind enough to give me[1] one of her works she made there, and here it is on my wall after I framed it. I think it looks right pinned like a butterfly on some rough-texture black mat that I sort of fell in love with a while ago and still have lying around. You can’t really see the mat texture in this shot.

I think it’s a cyanotype from a pinhole camera she made or used on the spot out there…maybe she’ll pop in here and explain it all. You can see a much better photo of it here.

Thanks BCL, I really like it.

[1] ok I refused to give it back once it was in my hands

Another of Mar and Lily
Colorado Mats
Image by Phil Scoville