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Denver – Jefferson Park: Jack-n-Grill – 7 lb. Breakfast Burrito
Colorado Denver
Image by wallyg
Jack-n-Grill’s massive 7 lb. breakfast burrito, as seen on the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food, is stuffed with 5 pounds of grilled potatoes, 12 eggs, 1/2 pound of ham, 1/2 a pound of cheese, onions, and a choice of red or green chile. Few have finished it, but those who do (in one sitting) get it free and their polaroid on the Wall of Fame. And if a gal does it, she gets Jack N Grill "Free for Life."

Jack-n-Grill, at 2524 North Federal Boulevard, was opened by Jack Martinez in March 2000. Jack-n-Grill was voted 13, for the best place to chowdown in the U.S. on The Travel Channel "Americas 101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown Countdown."