A few nice Colorado Airport images I found:

Sunset Over Denver International Airport – Colorado – USA – 20141118 @ 16:40
Colorado Airport
Image by MomentsForZen
All things come to an end. This photograph was taken whilst we were sitting in the plane waiting to push back and begin the flights back home. I was looking out across the tarmac towards the other aircraft and the setting Sun, thinking back over the events that had made this such a wonderful and productive trip. All that remained was the series of flights back home : Denver – Los Angeles – Sydney – Canberra. Although the total transit time for this combination of flights is a little over 24 hours, it all went smoothly with a minimum of discomfort – which is as good as the travel experience gets these days.

The window through which this photograph was taken was scratched and frosted, and this imparted a texture on the photograph. The image was further degraded by the usual number of reflections artifacts. Given this situation, I decided to go with the textured look. My app-of-choice for this is Painteresque – others use ShockMyPic or Tangled FX to obtain similar textures.

Denver International Airport (DEN), Denver, Colorado, US.

iPhone 6 – Photographs taken with the back-facing camera on an iPhone 6.
PureShot – A bracketed set of 3 images was acquired, with each of the images having different exposure settings.
MobileHDR – Combined the 3 images into a single HDR image.
Painteresque – Applied the Painteresque 1 effect with custom settings.
Pixelmator – Applied the Retouch tool to the top left corner of the image.
Snapseed – Applied the Structure filter. Overall lighting adjustments carried out. Brightened the corners using the Center Focus option.
Photogene 4 – Sharpening filter applied. Overall lighting adjustments carried out.
Photoshop Touch – Cropped the image then resized it to 3264 x 1536 pixels.
ExifEditor – EXIF data from one of the original photographs transferred to the final image.

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security line view1
Colorado Airport
Image by agahran
Denver International Airport, Dec, 3, 2006, after the solstice blizzard. As I waited for 2+ hours in the security line, I saw outside the windown someone drew in the snowfield outside, "I [heart] DIA."

Colorado Airport
Image by askpang