Some cool Boulder, Colorado images:

Boulder Colorado Flatirons and CU Campus Panorama
Boulder, Colorado
Image by Striking Photography by Bo Insogna
A panorama image view of the Flatirons in Boulder Colorado at sunrise. Great View of Colorado University.

(C) 2011

Geography Girl
Boulder, Colorado
Image by brentdanley
This year at school Skye is studying geography. We put these maps up in her room so she can do her homework and learn about the world.

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Marshmallow snow
Boulder, Colorado
Image by Carolannie—eyewitness
A nice gooey snapshot! The snow fall last night was wet and soggy. It piled up on the branches making them bend a little. It made big snow balls when I scooped it off the driveway and sidewalk. It is melting very nicely, and I went through the rest of the windshield cleaner on the way in to Denver. I am getting better about keeping a spare jug in the car, though, so OK! I did have to dig a tunnel for the Buddy dog to go outside, he is too old to leap though the soggy snow.

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