A few nice Colorado Mats images I found:

Elevation 9500 ft = Cold Nights
Colorado Mats
Image by Earthworm
The first night was the hardest. And by the last night I hardly noticed even though there was frost at dawn. It was my face that was cold and breathing cold air. Then I pulled a t-shirt over the hood of my sleeping bag and that helped. Mornings warmed up around 8 a.m. once the sun hit the plains. Yoga was at 7 a.m. I wore my haz mat suit for the yoga session. When I showed up at breakfast in the suit people didn’t know quite what to make of it, except for those who were themselves eccentric. Later the others came round when the wind and rain proved the value of a hooded wind and rain proof suit.

Mat Penstemon {penstemon caespitosus}
Colorado Mats
Image by Drew Avery
Denver Botanical Garden at Chatfield