Launching commercial spaceflight
Aside from the Space Shuttle, the rockets that lift payloads and people into orbit generally tumble back to Earth and fall into the ocean. Even the Mercury and Apollo capsules that brought the astronauts home were often recovered at sea and never reused.
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Can we build a humane alternative to Uber?
“Cooperative platforms are a mode of doing business that is democratic, which puts people before profit,” says Nathan Schneider, a media studies scholar in residence at University of Colorado Boulder. … At least, that is, until the driverless cars …
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Denver and Xerox launch local trip-planning app
Denver and technology company Xerox launched a smartphone transportation app Tuesday to help people travel around the Denver metro area, and for Denver government planners to learn how people get from place to place. The Go Denver app lets users …
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Longmont moves forward with new Mile-Hi Skydiving lease
In roughly 2013 or 2014, city management discovered the faulty lease and realized that it may violate rules the Vance Brand Municipal Airport must follow in order to receive Federal Aviation Administration grants. The FAA instructed the city to resolve …
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