Some cool Taxi to Airport images:

Japan Airlines 747 JA8921
Taxi to Airport
Image by Simon_sees
Japan Airlines 747-400 on the long taxi out to the runway at Honolulu International.

Delivered 19/12/2000 to Japan Airlines reg JA8921. Stored 01/2011 as reg N921MM by Aersale. Leased 02/08/2011 to Transaero Airlines in Russia reg EI-XLF.
Boeing 747-400 Serial number 27645 LN:1262 Type 747-446
First flight date 11/12/2000 Test registration N747BA

Taxi Scramble
Taxi to Airport
Image by Andrionni Ribo

Our Team @ the Utila International Airport with Mr. Blue
Taxi to Airport
Image by Tom-Riddle
on a trip around the northern part of Utila