Five Reasons to Live in Boulder, Colorado

If you are considering buying real estate in Colorado, you definitely want to take a look at Boulder. It is the smaller, greener alternative to big cities like Denver or military towns like Colorado Springs, and possesses real Old West charm and a whole lot of character. Here are five reasons to buy Boulder real estate and make this thriving community your home.

1. Cache

Boulder is a town with plenty of Real West history along with a population that is diverse and well-educated. There is real sense of community here which stems from a combination of environmental sensitivity and activism, a desire to maintain a high quality of life, and caring for one another. Over the years, Boulder has developed a reputation as a wonderful place to live and thrive.

2. The University of Colorado

Boulder is a thriving college town whose activities revolve around the prestigious University of Colorado. There is always something go on here whether it is festivals, art-related activities, lectures, and sports. And the whole community participates in and benefits from it.

3. It’s Beautiful Here

Boulder is what Colorado’s all about. Nestled close to the mountains, the area boasts 31 acres of recreational space along with myriad nature preserves. If you’ve been looking for a place to live where you and your family will be surrounded by tons of natural beauty, Boulder’s the place for you.

4. We Value Fitness

The people of Boulder are, as a whole, committed to fitness and healthy living and there are plenty of venues, hiking and biking trails, and organized activities that promote this healthful lifestyle.

5. Lots of Homes to Choose From

You will soon discover that living in Boulder is more affordable than you thought. There are plenty of apartments, condominiums, and single-family dwellings in virtually every price range, so you are bound to find property that can afford and love.

Discover for yourself why Boulder, Colorado is truly one of the last of the naturally beautiful small cities left in the West.

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