Downtown Boulder Colorado Motels Help You Have a Night on the Town

Everyone needs a little time off.  You might want to blow off a little steam, or enjoy an evening without the kids.  If so, then Boulder offers plenty of options for enjoyment – the list of eateries, microbreweries and entertainment venues is vast, indeed.  There are plenty of options available for your needs.  However, what do you do if you stay out a bit too late, or live it up a bit too much?  Thankfully, there are plenty of downtown Boulder, Colorado motels and hotels to give you a helping hand.

The Bradley Boulder Inn

This hotel is located in the East End, right on Pearl Street.  The benefit there is that you can walk to the hotel from most of the attractions, restaurants and bars in the area, making logistics simple.  This is also a good option if you like a little luxury – the inn offers high quality bed linens and a gourmet breakfast, which might come in handy in the morning.  You’ll find that the prices are not reflective of this, though – they’re pretty reasonable.


Julien Hotel and Spa

This is another of those downtown Boulder, Colorado motels and hotels that gives you more “bang for your buck.”  You will find an excellent restaurant, Jill’s Restaurant, as well as an amazing spa in which to relax and rejuvenate.  The rooms are elegantly decorated, and the hotel is only a single block from Pearl Street, on Walnut Street.  You will also find that a number of events are held here on a regular basis, from wine tastings to concerts.  Finally, the hotel is located within walking distance of many shopping options.

The Boulder University Inn

If you are enjoying your time downtown and want to make the most of your budget, then the Boulder University Inn is your best option.  While this is certainly not a luxury hotel, the rooms are clean, spacious and well decorated.  You will also find the service friendly and the prices low.  Of course, the location is also an excellent reason

As you can see, there are plenty of downtown Boulder, Colorado motels and hotels from which to choose.  You will find an excellent option for a night out on the town, whether you want a budget accommodation or you prefer something a bit more luxurious and upscale.  There are, of course, numerous other options located in the area, so you can take your pick quite easily. provides information on everything in Downtown Boulder, CO. For a complete travel and living guide on Boulder, Colorado, you will find it at