Boulder Holiday Neighborhood

If you are looking for real estate in Boulder, Colorado, then you should consider the chic and urban Holiday neighborhood. There are many different neighborhoods you could choose from, but the Holiday neighborhood has some special aspects that not all other neighborhoods in Boulder have.

For example, there are plenty of places to work for individuals as well as space for entrepreneurs to set up their businesses. That’s not the case with all neighborhoods, but it is for Holiday. And, the businesses are well integrated and really enhance the neighborhood feel.

There are all kinds of home options in the Holiday neighborhood as well. If you are a looking for a small, bachelor pad or a larger home for a big family you can find it in this urban neighborhood. No matter your family size Holiday has house options for you.

You will also love that you can walk to parks within the neighborhood. The parks really enhance the neighborhood and make it more beautiful. Plus, being able to get out and get some fresh air without a long drive or a lot of hassle makes living in Holiday a major perk! There is a two acre park, a garden, and several smaller parks that allow you to enjoy the great outdoors. There are also pedestrian walkways that make getting around the neighborhood easy and you won’t need to use your car as much. If you want a coffee you can just walk down the path and visit any one of the coffee shops or restaurants in Holiday. If you want to check out some art, the pathway will lead you past many art studios. You will be able to walk to almost everything in Holiday, which is better for the environment and your health!

Another interesting aspect of Holiday is that it incorporates sustainable design. So, if you like the idea of sustainable design you will love that it is incorporated in this ultra modern Boulder neighborhood. An example of this sustainability is that the streets are laid out in a way so that homes have a good view and are exposed to solar energy. Lights are used for safety purposes, but not so much that it pollutes the sky. In Holiday, you can see the stars every night!

If you are interested in a new type of neighborhood that focuses on community, health, and sustainability then you will love Holiday. There are a lot of great neighborhoods in Boulder, but Holiday is one of a kind and a great place to live in Colorado.

Logan Chierotti is an Colorado Home Helper Real Estate agent. Logan is Boulder real estate agent who specializes in helping people find Boulder Real Estate.

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