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Living in the outdoors can be a great experience. One area that offers both the outdoor experience as well as being close to all the amenities of a city is Boulder, Colorado. There are currently 1,058 homes for sale in Boulder, Colorado. The average listing price has increased 1.4% over the past month and is now $ 890,242. With real estate booming in Boulder, buying a house here makes sense economically.

The unique landscape of the Boulder area lends to its charm and most people simply find the lure irresistible. The current prices differ from region to region within the Boulder area. Homes for sale in well-developed areas are selling for a much higher price than the homes in areas that have not yet been developed or the more remote areas. The median sales price of a home for sale in Boulder was $ 375,000 for August 2009 through October 2009. This is a 7.4% decrease when compared to the same time period last year, making now the perfect time to purchase a new home in Boulder.

If the idea of owning a home in Boulder, Colorado sounds like a great idea for you, consider using a commission rebate agent of Colorado. It will definitely help you obtain your dream house at a price you can afford. Most of them have years of experience so they know all of the technical terms within a real estate contract. No matter how you choose to purchase your new home, Boulder is a great place to live.

Tommy Lorden is a Commision Rebate Agent in Boulder, Colorado. To learn more about the Boulder real estate market or Buyer’s Rebate Agents visit my website at www.coloradocommissionrebate.com.

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