Enjoy the Excellence in Hospitality at Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport (DEN) boasts the largest size for any continental US international flight terminal, and is the third largest international flight terminal in the world (behind King Fahd International and Montreal-Mirabel International).  With the larger size comes an increased opportunity to offer great services to flight customers arriving to or departing for DEN.  Constantly ranked as one of the top airports in the world for it’s top notch customer service, magazine readers for respected periodicals like ‘Time’ and ‘Business Traveler Magazine’ named DEN ‘America’s Best Run Airport’ and ‘Best Airport in North America’, respectively.

What DEN offers to customers is more than supreme customer service.  The DEN flight terminal itself has one of the most unique designs out of any other terminal in the world, using a jagged manmade design on the upper portions of the terminal buildings to call reference to the nearby Rocky Mountains.  Speaking of the Rockies, the mountain range is well within view from the transparent pedestrian bridge between the terminal and Concourse A, which not only shows the breathtaking mountains but also any taxiing planes outside of departure gates below.  The DEN flight terminal also offers a significant collection of art.  For example, the ‘Mustang’ sculpture by Luis Jimenez standing at 9.8 m tall, and weighing 4,000 kg, is featured between the inbound and outbound areas of Pena Boulevard.

A final point about DEN airport should be the terminal’s reliance on renewable solar energy.  In these days when green energy production and consumption are the hot topics to discuss, DEN is ahead of the curve by having a 2-megawatt solar power plant constructed on the flight terminal grounds, which provides 3.5 million kilowatt-hours of energy every year.  All of these innovations and forward-thinking trademarks have allowed DEN to be world-famous in a number of important aspects.

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