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Article by Michael Vedder

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Find Denver Offices:

Denver, Colorado is the capital city of Colorado and is known most often as, The Mile High City. It is located 15 miles east of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. With such a close proximity to the mountains, many people in the area are quite active, athletes, and outdoorsy types. With a deep history, the city has been gaining steam for quite sometime, and has an average growth rate of around 3% with many people flocking to the area. Any new business, and most established companies can benefit from leasing a Denver office suite.

Travelers moving through or to Denver will have to go through the Denver International Airport. The airport sits on 53 square miles and is the largest international airport in the United States and the third largest international airport in the world. It is currently ranked the fourth busiest airport in the world, and helps an average 50 million passengers. With such a large amount of movements in the airport, it is no surprise that recently the airport went through major upgrades in terms of shopping and leisure. It has generated a lot of success with great options for travelers to enjoy their travels through the area, and is on par with many other international airports in the nation.

Denver Real Estate:

The residential rental market is quite good, and offers a great amount of options for those looking to live in the area. There are many 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom options with prices lower than many other large cities. A recent survey of vacancies in the greater Denver area yielded results starting at around $ 300 for studios, and upwards of $ 650 for 2 bedroom apartments. Town homes were also available for rent at around $ 1,000 a month for 3 bedrooms and a list of amenities that include, washer & dryer, dishwasher, and large storage spaces.

It is important to note that most residential options require first and last month rent, and at minimum a 6-month lease. Regardless of whether you’re looking for 6 of 12-month lease options, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities to explore.

Denver has a large amount of corporations and business in the area. The city has been called the Wall Street of the West, due in large part to the high concentration of financial institutions that call the area home. With so many different high rises, and corporate business options, office floor plans abound for both small and medium size tech companies, and businesses alike. When you choose an office floor plan, it’s always important to look for something that will meet your overall needs, and the area has a lot of great vacancies.

Denver Office Suites:

For those looking for executive suites rates, the area has some standard prices. The office vacancy rate of Denver office suites is 14% and those looking for better views, private entry, and better overall office space, the area is full of options. There were a wide array of prices to explore, starting at around $ 350 for a small Denver office suite, and upwards of $ 1,000 a month for 900 square feet with amazing style and services. Whether you’re looking to find a tech center office, or a nicer area with conference rooms and much more in the general area.

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