Airports That Are Great for Your Pets

Leaving your pet behind may not be something that people would like doing especially if they dearly love their pets like family or friends. Now, some international airports have made it easy for travellers as they have created pet friendly areas and services.

Denver and Minneapolis/Saint Paul airports spend over $ 40 million annually in order to incorporate the pet industry into their airport grounds. The Metropolitan Airports Commission for Minneapolis/Saint Paul constructed a Premier Pet Boarding Facility. It is a 12,000 square foot building that houses a pet day care, overnight boarding for pets, recreational and exercise area, parking and shuttle service for those who intend to bring in their pets. The Animal Humane Society was included in planning the facility. The total cost for refurbishment was at $ 4.25 million. It includes plan to expand and equip the current facility.

The Denver International Airport has plans of a 24 hour facility that will provide care and services for dogs, cats, and birds, as well as exotic pets of their passengers. This is a great source of profit as there are a lot of passengers who intend to bring their pets with them during their travels.

In the same light, the Miami International Airport is also looking into providing services for pets of travellers. However, they are thinking of having a much greener approach in constructing the facility. The plans include pet relief areas well as mini pet parks. One pet park will have an area to a size of 2,077 square feet. It will feature shrubs, benches, bricks, 4 foot picket fence, and a fire hydrant. The second pet park will have an area of 1,523 square feet. It will have the same facilities as the first pet park as well as waste bins.

If the nearest airport to your location does not have pet facilities just yet, do not fret. There may be some facilities near the airport that can cater to your needs such as The Kennel Club near the Los Angeles International Airport. They have a pet spa as well as luxury accommodations for your pet.

Now that the airport management has seen the need for pet facilities for their passengers, surely most of them will take heed and start building one for their passengers’ needs. It will just be a matter of time until the travellers’ pets will get the best treatment in airports.

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